A performance in which the artist conducts a dialogue with the audience, touching upon the topic of 1915 mass murders in the Ottoman Empire.
When a viewer has an opinion about an image based on their own thoughts, it is their personal perspective. It depends on the viewer's thoughts and values, which can sometimes conflict with cultural values.
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Self-identification requires effort.

Only at the time of birth and for a brief moment thereafter, a baby is outside of human consciousness. To survive mentally, a younger person must learn to be receptive to the environment in which he finds himself.

Soon children learn to live by rules, to be part of the society, the family into which they are born. They also internalize and follow the laws and traditions of their country. Under the influence of these external factors, their inner SELF develops.

But where does this pure, true individual SELF begin? After all, consciousness is subconsciously filled with projections from society." Who am I?" the adult asks. The answer is complex and, at times, never truly realized.
Empathy or Blaming action?
This performance is a gathering of multiple interactions between an artist and his audience.
The action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings and thoughts of another fellow human. Without having the feelings and thoughts expressed in an explicit manner.

Forces in the world call people to war and to fight. Can you stop war? For this, only one thing is needed: to awaken. It seems like a small thing. However, such a thing is the most difficult for all who dream.

What does it mean to be at war? This means that several million sleeping people are trying to destroy several other million sleeping people. Of course, if they were truly awake, they would not. That would be a better dream.